The name’s Dessie and I am twenty years old, currently in my first year of university, studying English Language and Literature. However, I am looking into transferring to a Creative Writing degree in the upcoming academic year.

Books have surrounded me my whole entire life, even before I learned how to read them. My grandfather was a huge book worm and I like to think I inherited that trait from him. I would say I’ve always been an avid reader, however, it wasn’t until my first year in secondary school that I rediscovered my love for reading. That was when I fell in love with YA literature and have not let go since. That said, my reading preferences are not limited to just YA as I often times find myself engrossed by New Adult and Adult novels just as much. My favourite genre has to be Fantasy, though Science-Fiction comes a close second.

As well as a reader, I am also a writer. For me, it is impossible to be one without the other. One cannot write well if one does not read. I have been writing almost as long as I have been reading, starting with little bits of poetry and coming up to short stories and even working on novels (though I can never quite finish them.) Don’t be surprised if you ever see a post of me ranting about writing.

I started this blog as a way to gather my thoughts on the books I read and also be a more active part of the bookish community. I’m usually terrible with commitment, but I hope my constant reading will prompt my updating of this blog, even if it does take a while to actually update.

Feel free to message me in any of my social media if you want to chat!